Leftover Leather
600 (W) X 1500 (L) X 1100 (H)

Limited Edition

Luxury, craftsmanship, respect and traditions are among others synonymous of leather. Centu- ries of techniques and experiences have conveyed to this material its pride and dignity. Yet, with industrialisation, leather didn't escape the metamorphosis that rumbled through the production world. With the large scales of production and consumption came the problems of wastage, as for any other material, which signified both a loss of money and of valuable resources. In this context, The Materialists tried to find new ways to reuse or recycle the industrial produc- tion's leftovers. Starting from the factories' wastage, eight different designers dived into the pos- sibilities of these devalued and emptied skins in order to raise new potentials for what was once a highly esteemed material. Drawing from their non-traditional and unorthodox ways of working, the designers laid their own path to resolve the challenge. From the direct reuse of the lacy skins, to their reduction into a fine powder, these are eight di- verse and unique approaches that the designers proposed. Eight views on how to deal with such devalued material in order to reveal its inherent potentials. As Nicolas Lavoisier phrases it, noth- ing lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Text by Maxime Benvenuto